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Houghton Mansion

"Contact" The 2005 Berkshire Paranormal Conference and Seminar


"Contact" The 2005 Berkshire Paranormal Conference and Seminar was held July 15th, 16th and 17th @ the Haunted Houghton Mansion.

Thank You very much to everyone who attended "Contact" the 2005 Berkshire Paranormal Conference.  It was a great success because of all of you. 
Also a big thank you goes out to Ron Kolek and the New England Ghost Project for all his work on the conference if it wasn't for him this thing would have never got of the ground.  All of the people who helped out over the weekend also a big thank you.

Conference included:
  • Tours and investigations of the Haunted Mansion
  • Series of Lectures and seminars from Guest Speakers
  • A Midnight Seance with the Salem Witches 
  • Saturday Dinner @ The Steeples Restaurant w/ a Guest Speaker
  • Screening of the Movie "The Bell Witch Haunting"
  • Sunday Morning Breakfest @ the Mansion
  • Live Broadcast of "Ghost Chronicles" from the Mansion
  • Plus Workshops throughout the weekend

List of Featured Guest Speakers at "Contact" 2005:

  • Jeff Belanger of and auther of "The Worlds Most Haunted Places"
  • Sean Portier the High Priest of the Salem Witches will conduct a midnight Seance
  • Christian Day & Sean Portier of The Salem Witches will attempt to contact the restless spirits of the Haunted Houghton Mansion via a "spirit board" in this Cryptique ( ) sponsored event. 
  • Dr. Michael Bell Rhode Island's Vampire and Folklore Expert and Auther of "Food for the Dead"
  • NEGP's Karen Mossey - EVP expert who's been featured on The Maury Povich Show.  Her work could also be heard in the trailers to the movie "White Noise"
  • NEGP's Psychic Investigator Maureen Wood will teach a workshop on Dowsing
  • Elizabeth Foley America's Angel Expert.
  • North Adams Local Historian Paul Morino will speak on the History behind the Houghton Mansion.
  • Plus much more